“I’m in for the sex scenes between mainstream performers”

Opsang fra læserne: Susanne Johansson, der har skrevet om Lars Von Triers nye film ’Nymphomaniac’, blev nødt til at skuffe en amerikansk læser, der havde glædet sig til filmen.

”Hi, Ms.Johansson. Greetings from US of A : )
Read your mini-review of the movie and my apologies if my request comes across as crude.

I won’t beat around the bush and BS that I’ll be watching the flick for artistic reason. I’m in for the sex scenes between mainstream performers. I have couple of questions and I won’t bother you again. Is it true Stacy Martin and her blonde friend have real sex? I heard Stacy actually did a Margo Stiley (of 9 Songs) by actually performing oral sex on real c*ck?

Again apologies if my questions are childish and offensive. I’ll understand if you don’t reply. If on other hand if you did…

Thank You and Best, (…)”

”Dear Mr. (…)

Sorry to disappoint you.
Stacy Martin and her blonde friend are not having
real sex. They use porn-actors as doubles.
Stacy did not perform oral sex on a real c*ck.
She performed it on a prosthetic.

Best regards,
Susanne Johansson”

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